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Western Australian Police

Agile has been key in developing the WA Police Facial Recognition system. This system is run as a joint undertaking between Department of Transport and the Police with a primary focus on fraud detection and prevention. Agile personnel provide day-to-day support of the system and consult on future uses of the system both locally and nationally.

Heritage Council (SHObiz)

State Heritage Office (SHO) engaged Agile Computing to replace their aging business system with a modern supportable application.

In addition to supporting the day-to-day work of SHO staff, the system incorporates techniques to integrate documents, images and other important artefacts. It engages with external systems for live postal address verification, Landgate land data and geospatial mapping information. Also, SHObiz incorporates web functionality that allows external parties to maintain data directly in the core business systems and to provide public searches of live heritage information.

Integrated Courts Management System (ICMS)

A large-scale line-of-business application for the Western Australian courts, ICMS has been implemented for matters across four Jurisdictions: District Court, Supreme Court, Magistrates Court and SAT (State Administrative Tribunals).

Agile Computing staff have been involved with this project since its inception in 2001, including providing key staff for Development team leading, software architecture and design and consulting on the feasibility for redeploying the application in jurisdictions outside of WA.